21. 08. 2023

Annabella has selected Quant for unified space & demand planning

Annabella, the largest independent supermarket chain in the Romanian market, has selected Quant for unified space & demand planning

Demand Planning in Quant

We are thrilled to announce that Annabella has chosen Quant Retail as our trusted partner for planogram software solutions. Our decision was driven by the remarkable depth and flexibility of the Quant platform, which allowed us to tailor our retail displays with precision and innovation. From the outset, Quant Retail stood out not only for their cutting-edge technology, but also for the unwavering support they provided.

Alexandru Șoacăte, Deputy CEO, Annabella

Operating more than 100 stores across the country, Annabella looks for efficient planning of space and demand provided by Quant in one integrated platform. Automatic replenishment based on AI powered demand forecasts will help increase product availability, reduce stock-outs and improve customer satisfaction. 

With Quant's platform, we have gained a competitive edge by being able to customize our retail space while benefiting from their proven track record of success.

Alexandru Șoacăte, Deputy CEO, Annabella

One of main advantages of Quant is tight integration with macro and micro space planning. This will allow Annabella to optimize store layouts and deliver store specific planograms that will respect local customer preferences, demand forecasts and work well with automatic replenishment.


We are really happy to welcome another major Romanian retailer in the Quant family and we are looking forward to the long  term cooperation.

At Annabella, we value innovation, adaptability, and collaboration, and we are proud to align ourselves with Quant Retail, a company that embodies these principles. As we embark on this exciting journey together, we are confident that Quant's remarkable platform and outstanding team will continue to drive our success and enhance the shopping experience for our valued customers.

Alexandru Șoacăte, Deputy CEO, Annabella

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