19. 07. 2023

Biosylva has chosen Quant Basic to create standalone planograms

The French company - BIOSYLVA S.A.S., that produces disposable tableware and packaging made from renewable materials, wipes and other hygiene products, decided to use Quant Basic to create standalone planograms

The company chose Quant for its flexibility, versatility and intuitive operation. Both classic shelf planograms and planograms for hanging systems can be easily created in Quant. It is equally possible to design fixture with both front and top views, or to display products on a table or gondola. Of course, it is possible to upload pictures and backgrounds of the fixtures so that the planograms look like in reality. A simple 3D view can also be used, which is generated automatically without the need for additional work.

Quant creates planograms based on a template in which the user places products. Bulk editing tools then allow products to be aligned or otherwise edited. Sales data can also be uploaded to Quant, based on which Quant can optimize the facings counts.

Standalone Planograms in Quant