07. 09. 2023

How does Quant help Sportisimo manage layouts of more than 200 stores?

During the QuantCON 2023 conference we had the opportunity to interview David Hadrava, who as a Module Specialist at Sportisimo is responsible for the creation and management of layouts for more than 200 stores in several European countries.

Sportisimo has been using Quant since 2017 and the management of the layouts, which change significantly several times a year depending on the seasons, is one of the key activities with a huge impact on the functioning of the entire chain, from the customer experience through logistics and the operation of individual stores.

Quant's floor planning module allows you to plan changes to the layout of each category throughout the year, including a detailed timeline and subsequent link to planograms. Thanks to clever features, many of which were developed directly based on input from Sportisimo, it is possible to manage layouts of the entire store chain in just three people while updating six times a year.

Thank you for the interview and we look forward to continued collaboration.