02. 02. 2023

Inversiones La Estrella select Quant to enhance their retail plan

A Nicaraguan chain of supermarkets Inversiones La Estrella based in Nicaragua has chosen Quant for the optimization of their store layouts as well as planograms. This allows them to fully take advantage of the Quant reporting tools with the objective of enhancing their retail plan and monitoring product performance more effectively. 

According to Martha Cristina Nuñez, Marketing Director of this Central American company, the decision to select Quant was quite clear and simple:

"We chose Quant because we want to have a software, that facilitates our decision making when introducing new products. We expect this tool to help us determine the optimal assortment per store and thereby maximize our profits."

Quant presents a unique solution to combine raw data such as daily sales and stock reports from the stores with detailed planogramming data. This results in a very user-friendly and accessible statistics tool that enables category managers to evaluate and better recognize sales potential and to make the right decisions in regards to the category and product management. 

Optimized planograms and store floor plans improve visibility of important products, customer experience and logistics efficiency, that the majority of companies using Quant have seen a 5–15% increase in sales in the key categories as well as an overstock reduction in their stores by 20–30% within a year after deploying Quant.

Increase sales and Reduce overstocks

The decision of the Nicaraguan company Inversiones La Estrella to select Quant, confirms Quant's growing presence in Latin America and it shows that Quant Intelligent Retail platform offers a great solution tailored to the needs of either small retailers or multinational chains and suppliers thanks to its affordable and very practical pricing plans.

Inversiones La Estrella Store Photos