25. 07. 2022

Smarty creates planograms in Quant

Smarty, a company that combines the world of gaming and smart electronics in its stores, chose Quant Premium to efficiently plan its retail space and create planograms.

Smarty BRANDS includes, in addition to a great e-shop, also stores iWant, JRC and the new Smarty.cz store concept where customers can test the products.

We are very pleased that Quant will help in the management of our favourite iWant stores as well as in the planning of remodeling and expansion of the new Smarty store network.

Due to the variety of products and display requirements, it is essential to accurately desing all of the store amenities. Quant supports various types of fixtures from classic shelving systems, atypical gondolas, baskets, hanging systems to display on tables or pallets. 

Quant's floor plan editor includes advanced organization of fixture into libraries for easy reuse. Products that stand alone outside the shelving system can also be added to the store floor plan.

planograms in retail

For an easy idea of the final appearance of fixtures, Quant uses the option of 3D display for individual fixtures. Moreover, it is possible to generate a 3D visualization of the created store including planograms and view everything from the customer's perspective. Heatmaps and other visualizations of sales indicators can also be enabled within the 3D view.

floorplaning in smarty