06. 05. 2022

Benefits of using Quant in Dr.Max pharmacies

Sharing the experience of using Quant in practice is absolutely essential and very inspiring. By working closely with our customers, we can further develop the software, but also present the benefits of its deployment based on real numbers and analysis.

“It only takes a team of 2–3 to manage retail and category management of more than 500 non-unified stores.”

This is how Luboš Korbelář, Group Commercial Director of Dr.Max, introduced his presentation at the Retail Summit 2022. Furthermore, he showed why it pays off to make customers feel comfortable and oriented in the store.

retail summit

Dr.Max uses Quant in Italy for 30 pharmacies, and in Romania for 719. Thanks to a unique feature, Quant can create hundreds of optimized planograms from a single template automatically. Therefore, even in a small team, it is possible to manage a large number of stores and focus on what is essential. Quant is a software that helps to focus on optimizing the customer experience instead of just on planograms.

It was repeatedly mentioned in the presentation that planograms and category management are useful tools. However, some retailers are still concerned that managing this process is very complex, expensive and basically only for the chosen ones. Quant debunks this myth. It is possible to optimize the retail space and display in a very rational way thanks to Quant.

To the speaker's question “What is addressed in your meetings?,” answers such as “Productivity, EBITDA, traffic, ...” were heard.

But the essential element of making our customers feel comfortable is not often addressed in meetings. “That's what it's all about!,” emphasised Luboš Korbelář. Retailers do everything they can to make people happy to return because of a pleasant experience.

“We're doing all of this to get people to come again.”

It's not just the immediate sales effect that influences how customers perceive a visit to a store, but more importantly the long-term relationship with the place of sale. Therefore, the question of how to manage customer’s visit to a store and his experience is absolutely crucial for retailers in the long term.


Why does each pharmacy have a different layout of the goods on display? Because different people go there and they have different preferences and needs. Experience, customer research, and numbers help define what the optimal layout should be for each store.

In this way, Dr.Max manages more than 2200 pharmacies in 6 countries where every pharmacy is unique. Yet, thanks to Quant, it is possible to plan retail space and display in all of them. This also includes marketing materials placed in pharmacies.


The results that Category Management delivers at Dr.Max have been summed up in very impressive numbers. The time savings and financial benefits are quite substantial. However, what was quite revelatory for some of the Retail Summit attendees was that they can be achieved with a very small team of 2–3 people.