17. 08. 2023

Why did LKQ choose Quant as planogram software in 2018 and how do they perceive the benefits?

By working closely with our customers, we are able to gain valuable feedback and develop Quant according to their current needs. The basic element of this cooperation is, of course, mutual communication.

During the QuantCON 2023 conference, we asked Linda Michaličková, Category & Merchandising Manager at LKQ, why they chose Quant years ago and what they see as the key benefits.

LKQ, which is also known for its Auto Kelly and ELIT brands, has been using Quant since 2018.

In the first phase, they transferred all existing planogram variants to Quant and gradually digitized the store plans. Quant went live in January 2017.

Thanks to the excellent commitment of all members of the Category & Merchandising team at LKQ, we were able to integrate other Quant solutions, such as Automatic Replenishment, Task Management, Shelf Labels and Forms, both in the Czech Republic and in foreign stores.

Thank you for the long-term cooperation and great interview!