The Entertainer Case Study

The UK’s largest independent toy retailer

• 170+ stores in the UK
• 20+ users
• 6 500+ SKUs
• Planograms created for own and partner stores

Jordan Wingrave  |  Partnership Buying Manager


What was your main motivation to look for a category management, planogramming and space planning system?

Our business was expanding by working with more retail partners and we needed a solution where we were able to not only build planograms for them to follow but also enable us to present to them the ranges in a visible way. Our instore staff are well versed in creating planograms and merchandising in store but with our partners we needed something that would help and guide their instore colleagues to our ways of working.

Why have you decided for Quant?

After considering a few different options we decided on Quant as it was a great cost effective price and had a tool which was quick to pick up and really easy to use across a multitude of our departments.

The support has also been good with questions answered and solutions found in a timely and professional manner.

When did you start using Quant?

June 2021.

Do you remember your expectations from that time?

Initially, before we delved deeper into its many options our starting plan was for it to quickly help us pull together planograms for a retail partnership trial we were working on where we had to create several different cascades of promotional planograms in a short space of time. Quant was able to help us do this effectively and quickly.

What were the worst obstacles? How did you succeed in overcoming them?

The biggest obstacle was getting to grips with the system while having to use it for something urgent, but we found the easy of use and the guidance we received from Quant to be fantastic.

How was the implementation of the system and what were the first benefits?

Implementation was simple, a short download which was shared to the members of the team and a meeting was set up to give us training and show us how to use the tool, support was also there if we needed it.

First benefits where that as it was easy to use and pick up, we were able to get working with it straight away doing simple things whilst still learning the full capacities that it offered.

How would you rate the quality of the support?

First rate, the team have always been available and got back to us quickly.

What are the main results of the project so far and what are your future plans and targets in area of space planning and category management?

So far it has been a success, we have been able to use it to not only help with our partners but also internally producing plans for our own shops. Also the database of being able to store all the products with images in it is a useful reference point for all colleagues when we are not sure what a product looks like in packaging and of its size dimensions.

With the new download and upgrade that we have recently had we feel sure that Quant is able to continue helping us produce the right information and visuals for presentations and planograms going forward with our retail partnerships.

Would you recommend Quant to other retailers?

Absolutely, it has been easy to use and has definitely met our needs.