Rakennuskemia Case Study

Development, Marketing and Sales for Construction, Renovation and Home Care Products

• Customer since 2023
• Established in 1988
• 1000+ SKUs
• Planograms created for partner stores worldwide

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Thomas Whitehouse | Material Safety Data & Planogram Design

What was your motivation to search for system like Quant? Were you comparing alternative solutions? Why did you choose Quant?

The search for solutions that catered for our needs was honestly quite disappointing.

During 2021–2022 (the time we needed to update our existing methods) the majority of options were either massively inadequate and outdated or were designed by large scale
developers that priced themselves way out of our realistic range.

We needed a software that would create retail shelving planograms. All the big developers couldn’t offer a solution that excluded unnecessary or extraneous features that we couldn’t use.

We were looking for a cloud based, non platform specific solution. Quant was the best option that could provide the solution we needed at a competitive price.

When did you start using Quant?

March/April 2023.

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Do you remember your expectations from that time?

We received an incredibly detailed demonstration from Quant team, which far surpassed any expectations we had at that time.

We knew what we were getting and we were very happy with switching to Quant.

What was your main motivation to look for a category management and planogramming system?

Our previous software caused significant problems that wasted a lot of time and energy. Development seemed decades behind modern requirements so we were forced to switch solutions. We manage entire brands of products so there are many items to import and arrange. Reliability is crucial.

Planogram creation

Did you have any difficulties deploying Quant? How did you overcome them?

There have been no major troubles so far. Learning a new system has it’s demands but we have received instant, high quality support. 

Occasionally there are small bugs to squash but there are no issues that can freeze any tasks.

The Quant team are really enthusiastic in hearing about any troubles and are ready to help or suggest work around fixes.

You have chosen Quant Basic. What are the first benefits after implementing the system?

A reliable, high performing app that looks great and is simple to use.

How are you sharing planograms with stores/partners?

That is currently executed via our management and sales team.

We have done several improvements in PDF design settings. What are your first impressions with setting a custom look for the entire PDF file?

We are really impressed! Pitching designs to potential customers just got a huge makeover. Presentations are much cleaner and offer much more magnetism.

Existing customers can also benefit by having a much more understandable and useful designs for staff to work from.

Planograms in PDF

What elements besides products do you need to place on your planograms and how do you achieve this in Quant?

We have headboards, wobblers, product price tags/shelf tags and various custom POS materials.

Currently we have been adding them via the custom fields features.

What are the main results of the project so far?

The tools we have available with Quant enable a much faster workflow. Product data can be managed efficiently and reliably.

Designs can be tailored to meet specific requirements of our customers. We can now focus our efforts into making the best of our current projects.

What are your future plans and targets?

Streamlining, simplification and expansion.