Do it Center

“The most notable result has been the complete implementation of Shelf Label Management. We are still far from completing our planogram implementation; however, the process is now well defined and in production which we believe to be the biggest challenge. Our plan is to continue to improve our planogram deployment and we are now starting to work with vendors to implement brand-specific planograms at the store level.”

Michael Cohen

Customer Story

Do it Center is a home improvement chain, founded in 1990. We are located in the Republic of Panama and our stores are present nationwide. We started the first implementation of Quant in the middle of 2020.

We had modest expectations. We made other attempts to plan our stores, so we knew how challenging and long this process can be, especially in our business model where the assortment is constantly changing.

Our main goal is to make it easier for customers to shop in the store and present a more organized category solution.

Due to the fact that we have many items and different product categories, our stores tend to look disorganized and they are somewhat difficult to shop in. We needed a tool to help us communicate to our 26 stores where and how to present our product assortment to maximize the shopping experience of our customers.

At a Glance

  • Customer since 2020
  • 26 home improvement centers
  • 25 000 products in the database

Favourite Feature

Shelf Label Management


  • More organized process for price changes
  • Deployment of Quant Task Management
  • Better record of implementation in the stores
  • Easier communication with the stores
  • Improved customer shopping experience