Development Analyses

In Quant you can follow the way in which e.g. margins, sales or other sales indicators develop during a certain period. The development of such indicators can be monitored for both individual products and whole categories or specified groups of products.

In Quant three development analyses are available:

Year to Year Development Analysis 

The development of categories, products and product groups can be seen from three points of view:

Individual analyzes are described in more detail for the analysis Category Development in separate manuals, to which the links above are created.

In what situation Development Analysis can be used?

  • If you wish to follow the development of profit, sold pieces or other sales data of product, category or product group in a specific period.
  • If you wish to follow the development of sales of product, category or product group in a short period one day after another. (criteria: Daily, Start Date, End Date criteria)
  • If you wish to follow the sold pieces or the amount of profit of product, category or product group for a specified period (per day, month, year...). (criteria: Daily, Start Date, End Date)
  • If you wish to quantify the average profit or the average number of sold pieces over the number of days selected by you and look at the development of such indicators in a specified period. (criteria: Calculate Average Days and Number of Average Days)
  • If you wish to follow and compare the development of sales of product, category or product group in individual stores. (criteria: Cumulate Clusters checkbox unchecked)
  • If you wish to find out whether sales of product, category or product group in the same months or for the whole year increased or decreased and by how much. (Year-to-Year, YTD).

Category Development

Category Development

The Category Development analysis is employed for the monitoring of the development in sales, revenues from sales or other sales data for selected categories in a given period. This analysis, for example, allows sales fluctuations or gradual increase or decrease in interest in products in a given category to be monitored.

The Category Development analysis is available in the menu: Analysis - Category Development.

Product Development

This analysis monitors development in the sales of individual products. The interpretation of the analysis is the same as in the case of the Category Development analysis. Instead of the whole category only the products whose development is to be monitored are selected in Criteria.

Product Development Analysis

Product Group Development

Product Group Development

This analysis allows products to be grouped by a certain attribute and then a development of the groups grouped in this manner to be monitored. A good example can be grouping by the Producer attribute. 

Grouping is set in Criteria in the Group by line where you can select the attribute by which products will be grouped into groups (e.g. producer, brand). In the Product Groups line all groups that should be analysed are selected. If the Producer option is selected in the Group By line, all available producers who are available in Quant will be displayed in the Product Groups criterion and you can select from them only those whom you wish to analyse.

In this manner you can monitor for example a development in the sales of all products supplied by one producer and compare developments in sales for different producers to monitor how the products of selected producers are doing in different stores.

In the figure you can see the analysis of the number of sold pieces supplied by the ShoeFactory producer in three stores.

Product Group Development