Setting up Azure AD for connecting Quant to Office365 Mail server

Microsoft announced that they are planning to disable Basic Authentication for SMTP globally. Because of that we encourage our users to set up the modern authentication using OAuth. In order for that to work, there is a need to configure azure active directory first.

More information can be found on the following address: microsoft-blog-exchange-online.

Azure Active Directory Setup

  1. Open App registrations
    You can do that by visiting the following link azure-ad-registered-apps or by clicking on App registration in the sidebar navigation.
  2. Click on New registration
  3. Fill in a name, e.g. Quant Mailserver
  4. Click on Register
  5. You should be on the Application page now as visible in the screenshot bellow. Note down the following:
    Application (client) ID is what you need to fill in Quant as Client ID, 
    Directory (tenant) ID is what you need to fill in Quant as Tenant ID.
  6. Click on Add a certificate or secret
  7. Click on New client secret
  8. Fill in the description of your choice and choose expiration
  9. Click on Add
  10. Note down the Value, that is what you need to fill in Quant as Client Secret.

Client secret needs to be renewed before expiring. Otherwise mails will stop working in Quant.

  1. Open the Manifest
  2. Fill in the following into replyUrlsWithType as shown in screenshot bellow
    "type": "Web",
    "url": ""
  3. Click on Save
  4. Now you can set the mail server in Quant Desktop.

Setting up Mail Server in Quant

  1. Open Mail Server Settings in Options menu
  2. Choose Microsoft Exchange
  3. Fill in the following Tenant ID, Client ID, Client Secret from Azure AD.
  4. Fill in Username which has access to the registered App.
  5. As for SMTP Protocol, select tls 1.2
  6. From Address is the address from which Quant will be sending e-mails. User whose Username is in the fourth line must have SendAs permission for that From address. Otherwise, the address must be the same as Username.
  7. Now click on Login with Microsoft Account button, this will open the browser to perform the Authentication.
    It should look similar to the following screenshot.
  8. Click on Accept
  9. Return back to Quant
  10. Optionally you can try to send testing e-mail. It should work now.
  11. Click on OK