Importing Products

Import the data about products you have prepared into Quant in the upper menu Imports / Product data. Imported file could be Excel file or CSV.

The image below shows an example of an Excel file that contains individual products. Each product represents one line. For each product, its Primary ID (unique product code) has to be always filled in.

Product properties in Excel spreadsheetProduct properties in Excel spreadsheet

 1. In Quant in the upper menu choose Imports / Product data. Click on the Select File button in the new window and select the file which you wish to import. 

2. You must identify all properties in Quant and assign a corresponding property in Quant to each column. In the Source Preview, click on the column header and set which property the column represents.

You have to always assign Primary Product ID. When it is correctly set up, you will see matching products in Import Preview.

 3. When importing new products, you have to select the "Create New Products" checkbox in the import settings.

If you want to use the products to create planograms, select the "Set New Products for Planogramming" checkbox.

 4. Click on the Import button.

Product import settings 

 You can find imported products in Quant in the Products section.