Planogram Export

The created planogram can be exported to a PDF or Excel file together with the products that are located in it. You can also copy the image of the planogram itself and save it for further use.

In the Planogram Editor you can find 5 buttons for exporting a planogram:

Buttons for exporting planogram

How to copy a planogram image?

After clicking on the first button, the planogram is copied to the clipboard. Then it is possible to insert the image in the required place.

Copy image 

How to export planogram to PDF file?

If you want to send the finished planogram to a supplier or store, you can export it to PDF. The exported PDF file will contain a preview of the planogram and a table with the products placed in the planogram.

Export to PDF

How to export planogram to Excel file?

You can also export the planogram to an Excel file. The file will contain 3 sheets: a planogram image, a list of products in the planogram with the maximum number of exposures and a list of planogram shelves. The file can be further edited or filtered according to your needs.

Export to XLSX

If you need to edit the export file and define other columns that you want to see, for example, you can change the settings in the menu OptionsPlanogram export settings to XLSX.

Export settings