CSV/FTPS Introduction and login

Your data can be sent daily to Quant's FTPS server in CSV files, which are then automatically imported into Quant. Or, conversely, Quant can automatically export data to the FTPS server each day and you can take it and import it into your system. You can set the time of import or export within an automated task.

Please contact Quant support to send access data to the FTPS server.

What you can find in this manual?

FTPS setting

Supported formats

For automatic import from FTPS server we recommend to use the following formats CSV, txt or ZIP. For larger files such as sales, inventory, etc. we recommend the ZIP format mainly due to the significantly smaller file size than other formats.


You will receive login details via email. You should change your password the first time you log in. 

Change password

These login details are not the same as the ones you use to log into Quant. We recommend that you choose a different password than the one you use for Quant.

Steps to upload a file

1) Login on FTPS server (https://ftp.extech.eu).

Login on FTPS server

2) Create a new folder

Use the Create Folder button to create a separate folder for each file type/import.

There should always be one file in each folder. If there are multiple files in a folder, all files will be uploaded to Quant one at a time in a single automatic task

Create a new folder

3) Upload a file

Use the Add files button to select the file you want to import and confirm the selection with the Submit button. In the next window, upload the selected file using the Upload button.

Upload a file
Upload a file 2

In the following picture you can see an example of a directory structure. The last_import folder is created automatically when you start the import, and when the automatic import finishes, the imported file is moved into it so that the original folder remains empty and ready for you to upload the new file. In the case of export, files are exported to both folders, i.e. the original folder and the last_import folder, mainly for backup purposes.

Example of a directory structure

Automatic Tasks Setting

Once you have FTPS set up correctly, you can proceed by setting up specific automatic tasks in Quant to automate the entire data transfer process.

Desktop rights

First, however, you need to set up desktop rights to view and edit the automatic tasks.

Desktop Rights
Automatic Tasks
Default Task Settings

Click on the New button to add a specific automatic task, which you must then set up in the Settings tab. Some settings are repeated for all tasks, so it's a good idea to set all the repeating properties in the Default Task Settings tab as you need them so you don't have to change them for every tasks individually.

Every file you send to FTP uses a dot as a decimal separator. But in Quant, the comma is preset. So that you don't have to think about changing this in the Settings for every import and export, just specify it correctly in the Default Task Settings tab.

Default Task Settings