Actions are a great tool to set different features for certain products in selected stores, such as action price for a period defined by start and end date. Outside this period, the properties set in the Actions section are ignored and the properties set in the Products tab apply again.

Actions are set in the Actions section.

  1. Click on the New button.
  2. Set the action Properties.
  3. Click on Save.
Creating a new action

Properties of an action

  • Name: fill in the name of the action.
  • Description: you can enter additional information about the action.
  • Products: click on the products row and select the products affected by the action.
  • Stores: select the stores affected by the action.
  • Start/ End Date: the period of the planned action. On the start date, all shelf labels for the products that have undergone a price change will appear in the Changed Shelf Labels menu on the web, where the store can export them to PDF. All properties set for the action and for the action products are only valid between the start date and the end date. Outside of this time, these settings are ignored.
Basic properties of an action
Priority level
  • Adjusted Priority Level: check this box if you want to adjust the priority of the products in the action.
  • Minimum Priority Level: a frequently used feature for newly launched products in case you use optimized planograms. If you set new products to Optional Priority Level in the product properties, they will not be placed in the planogram due to zero sales history. It is therefore advisable to set them to Fixed priority level for at least the first few months. To avoid having to first set the priority level to Fixed in the properties for all new products and then change it to Optional after a few months, it is worth setting up an action where you check the Adjusted Priority Level checkbox and set the Minimum Priority Level to Fixed in the Minimum priority level line. When the action period expires, the product will again take into account the priority level set in the product properties.
Setting priority levels

You can also check the set priority level in the planogram using graphical symbols:

Importance of product priorities
  • Require Action Products in Action Stores: if this option is checked, action products are prioritized for placement in the optimized planogram on the stores included in the action. The required action product will have a star icon in the planogram template in the top right corner of the block. 
  • Restrict Action Products in Non Action Stores: if this option is selected, the placement of the action product is restricted in the optimized planograms of stores not included in the action. The restricted action product has a restricted product icon in the planogram template in the upper right corner of the block.
Require / Restrict Action Products
Types of shelf labels
  • Shelf Label Publishing Date: the date on which you publish on the web interface the shelf labels of the products for which a price change will occur with the launch of this action. The shelf labels for these products will appear in the Shelf Labels / Prepared Shelf Labels menu. You can use this date if you want to publish shelf labels to a store before the action starts, so that they have time to print and cut the shelf labels, for example.
  • Adjusted SEL Type: activate this function if you want to use shelf labels for the action with a different type than the one set on the fixture. You can mark products for the action with your own special shelf labels, or specify a shelf label type even for products placed in fixture that does not yet have a shelf label type set. You must then select the special action shelf label in the Shelf Label Type field.
  • Shelf Label Type:you can assign a special shelf label created from the list of saved shelf labels to the action. For this case, you must check the Adjusted SEL Type box. If fixture is assigned a shelf Label Type and at the same time some products from that fixture fall into the action, 2 shelf label types will be exported. 
    • Products that do not belong to the action will have the Shelf Label Type set in the Store Editor.
    • Products that fall into the action will have the Adjusted SEL Type set in the Action tab.
  • Shelf Label Type Priority: some actions may overlap for a while and if an Adjusted SEL Type is selected on multiple actions, Quant must decide which shelf label to select on the product. Setting the Shelf Label Type Priority will make it clear which shelf label to choose. The rule is as following: the lower the number, the higher the priority.
  • Action Product Priority: this attribute is useful to set if some products occur on multiple actions at the same time and have different prices on the actions. Quant will give priority to the price of the product from the action that has a higher priority set (the number in the row will be lower).
Publishing date and adjusted SEL type

When all changes are complete, click on Save.

Action Product Editor

Action products can be edited in the Action Product Editor, which Quant will redirect you to when you click on the Edit Action Products button. Here you can edit any product property and this change in the property will only be valid during the period set in the action.

Action product editor

All set actions must match the time and published projects so that the stores have time to prepare all fixtures and products. Actions will only appear in the Project Editor if the Publishing Date falls within the period in which the action is valid.

Project properties

Display of shelf labels on the web

Stores will see the action shelf labels on the web interface in the Shelf Labels menu.

In the Prepared Shelf Labels menu, shelf labels will be displayed on the day when the Shelf Label Publishing Date occurs.  In Quant, the Action is set to this date on June 3, 2021. 

Shelf label start date and publishing date

On the website, the store will see the shelf labels in the Prepared Shelf Labels section on 3.6.2021. Using the top Changed button, a printable set of shelf labels can be downloaded from the set Action to a PDF file and the shelf labels can be prepared by the store staff before the Action Start Date.

Prepared shelf labels

Shelf labels will appear in the Changed Shelf Labels menu when the Start Date (4.6.2021) occurs. The store can export all shelf labels to PDF by clicking on the Changed button.

Changed shelf labels