Revolt BI is a consulting and implementation agency that deals with data analysis and its use for better functioning of companies and organizations. It provides services and analytical solutions that show key people what needs to be done to make a company run better, with lower costs and higher profits.

Thanks to the extensive experience in the retail industry, Revolt BI can solve typical problems that include predicting merchandise turnover, optimizing sales, stock inventory and warehouse operations. It can set up environments for product margin tracking and dynamic pricing or offer a closer look at customer behavior and preferences through customer analytics. Revolt BI also provides management reporting, including KPI monitoring and it can help you integrate Quant with your ERP system.

As a part of consulting activities, Revolt BI helps companies with analytical transformation of which analytical strategy is an essential part.

Virtually every project that Revolt BI handles for its customers consists of three parts:

  • Data intergration – data sources are mapped and linked so that all reports and tools work with the same data in order to have only one truth – one verified and reliable data source.
  • Data analytics – data is analyzed, performance of single indicators is monitored and reports are prepared to provide insight into the company's performance.
  • Data Science – the most advanced analytical discipline that examines data in depth, looking for patterns and relationships to provide information leading to optimization of individual processes from purchasing to marketing, warehouse operations to sales.


Revolt BI values:
– Deep knowledge of the client's issues, understanding their needs, challenges and motivations.
– The work delivered always has a real positive impact – it gets results.
– Credibility and reliability.
– Revolt BI, professionals with the soul of a rebel – they do data not only because they can, but because they enjoy it.

5 years on the market – more than 80 satisfied clients.

Specialist in retail and warehouse issues.

50+ data and analytics experts.

Hundreds of problems solved for clients such as Sportisimo,, Koší, Pet Centrum, Stock, Zoot, Pietro Filipi, Škoda Auto…