“We were most excited at the very beginning when work operations involving assortment and store space planning became definitely more effective. In the course of the first three months Quant was filled with data and three MY FOOD stores were drawn. The stores were equipped with tablets and worked with planograms via a web interface directly on the store premises.”

Martina Pokorná
Purchase Manager

Customer Story

The first My FOOD market store was opened in May 2013 in Brno with a view to establishing a Czech concept of medium-sized stores offering a complete range of high quality food products accentuating their quality, freshness, and composition that would combine shopping experience and excellent service provided to customers.

However, at that time there were several similar concepts available on the market. In 2010, our first “Náš Grunt” opened in Prague and in 2011, the first “Sklizeno” opened in Brno. Three similar concepts, three different entrepreneurs, three similar leitmotifs: quality, freshness, fairness, support of local products and farmers and focus on the customer. On the other hand, there was a number of minor problems: incomplete assortment, high prices, supplies, ineffectiveness in many areas, a need for a better background and spatial requirements. Therefore, these three concepts were merged under one brand Sklizeno during the years 2016 and 2017.

In 2016, the aforementioned problems made us start looking for a tool that would allow us to make part of operations more effective. That was the reason why we started looking for a system for the preparation of planograms. At that time we had no idea of the number of aspects where Quant would prove itself in addition to planograms.

At a Glance

  • Customer since 2016
  • 25 stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the floor area ranging from 70 to 250 m2
  • 424 producers
  • 15 236 products in database, of which 7 117 for planograms

Favourite Feature

Shelf labels integrated with planograms and Quant Web.


  • Average time of new store openning reduced from 5 days to 1,5 day.
  • Automated ordering based on Min / Max defined via store specific planograms.