22. 06. 2023

ACDC Dynamics uses Quant to plan its retail space

ACDC Dynamics from South Africa chose Quant for the detailed planning of its retail space because the visual merchandising and planogram creation is very essential feature for the company. The company manages a network of its own stores and a number of franchise stores with electrical component, so creating and easily sharing planograms within the Quant Premium plan is key feature.

Planograms in Quant

The company uses own shelving equipment in the stores, which includes adjustable shelves, a hanging system with hooks or boxes for small assortments. Using the intuitive editor in Quant, it is possible to draw the fixture space for hanging products in combination with space for fixed shelves, for example. If adjustable shelf placement is required, automatic shelves are used, which adjust according to the height of the inserted products.

We found Quant planograms to be a very powerful and user-friendly merchandising tool. We recently opened a new ACDC Express store in Potchefstroom, and it helped our new franchise owners merchandise their shop efficiently, confidently, and with ease. It has provided our new store with a time-effective and structured merchandising system, but more importantly, a great shopping experience for our customers.

Giulio di Stefano | Brand Manager, ACDC Express

Floor planning

An essential requirement of ACDC was also the configurable export of data to PDF with custom attributes in the product table. Thanks to the custom attributes in Quant, selected data that is important for the stores can be added to the export. The result is a clear product table with products tailored to the exact needs of the stores.

The Quant planograms have helped our new and existing stores develop a structured and an appealing shopping experience for our customers. Their high-quality planograms go beyond basic visual merchandising, ensuring that our stores are well stocked and space is fully optimised, saving our staff valuable time, but also improving stocking holding and sales in the process.

Navasen Moodley | Category Manager, ACDC Dynamics