29. 06. 2023

NTT DATA partners with Quant Retail

NTT DATA partners with Quant Retail to help retailers optimize retail space management.

Both companies are helping retailers with the management of their retail space through the use of advanced technology solutions to ensure an improved performance of the floor space and product range.

Among many other benefits that the tools offer in addition to tailor-made designs, an increase in sales of up to 15% is highlighted.

NTT partners with Quant

Technology consulting firm NTT DATA has partnered with the company Quant Retail to bring Floor planning solutions (retail management software that helps to design, edit and configure retail spaces) and Planogram Software (a visual guide to the layout of products in the store that provides a clear outline of how the goods should be displayed) to points of sale worldwide. 

“Thanks to Quant Retail and our retail expertise, we can help retailers achieve increased sales per square meter, reduce excess inventory, and facilitate the planning process.”

David Ubide | Partner, Head of Retail in EMEAL at NTT DATA

This system automatically and intelligently optimizes space and improves the planning of the store layout and rotation of products, which is essential for the retail sector. As stated by the company, stores using Quant's solution could increase sales by up to 15% as a result of the improved product visibility, better customer experience and logistical efficiency.

“NTT DATA is the ideal partner to help retailers adopt our solution because of its industry knowledge, technological capabilities, and global presence.”

Petr Kavánek | CEO at Quant Retail

The services offered include additional solutions such as demand planning & automatic replenishment, which will improve product availability and reduce overstocks based on demand forecasting. The technology uses historical data through artificial intelligence, as well as other factors to be considered such as promotions. In addition, it is possible to check if products on the shelf are displayed correctly using Photo Feedback and Computer Vision. 

The joined solution has already been adopted by some major Spanish retailers. In the latest collaboration between NTT DATA and Quant Retail, the effectiveness of using direct-to-consumer space optimization technology has been demonstrated, achieving significant increases in sales in a significant number of stores, which has led the retailer to decide to extend the solution to the rest of the establishments.

Floor planning in Quant