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26. 08. 2019

How to find out all locations of a given product in the store?

When working in the Project Editor, the user often comes across a mark looking like “two brown squares” next to a block in the template. This flag indicates that the same product is also placed somewhere else.  The alternative placement means that the product is duplicated either in the equipment concerned, or in the multi-equipment or in the store. This view can be set on the View / Products Placed in tab. 

Therefore, if you are placing some products in a duplicated way, it is useful to quickly find all positions where the products are placed. Below, you will find a guide that will make your work considerably easier.


In Čáslav store, we would like to find out all placements of product Whole Milk Box (ID 100001). To find out this information, proceed as follows:

1. In the Project Editor, click on the Tools tab and select the Products in Project Overview option.

2. In the window that appears, go to the Products Placed in Selected Store tab.

3. In the upper table, select the store of interest (in this case, it is Čáslav store). All products placed in this store will be shown in the bottom table.

4. Filter the product that you are looking for (in this case the product with ID 100001). By double-clicking on the product in the bottom table you will be redirected to the planogram concerned.