31. 03. 2022

Dáme jídlo uses the Automatic Replenisment module

The company Dáme jídlo, which distributes prepared meals and consumer goods as part of the Dáme market service, has chosen Quant as its Automatic Replenishment solution.

The traditional method of replenishment based on manual ordering and the feeling of the store staff has many disadvantages. Especially in the field of e-commerce, where time and flexibility play an important role, it is not an optimal solution. 

Quant offers a fully automatic or semi-automatic ordering module that checks the stock levels in individual stores at set intervals and creates orders in time with respect to the required minimum and maximum daily reserve and according to the current sales trend. This solution does not only prevent stock-outs, but also overstocks or unnecessary expirations.

Orders can also be created in a semi-automatic mode, where Quant prepares draft orders each day and staff can manually review, edit and dispatch them. There is also no problem to prepare orders divided by suppliers and generate them on selected order days.

„Operational tests carried out show significant time savings and certainly a refinement of the entire ordering process in our warehouses.“

Daniel Nedoma, Commercial Head