22. 12. 2021

Looking back at 2021

2021 was by far the most successful year in our 20-year history. We welcomed 26 new customers to the Quant family, nearly triple last year's record. 

We believe the reason for the growing interest in Quant, is the unique combination of features and solutions within one integrated platform, and the great value for money.  

"The best thing about Quant is that it is exactly as comprehensive as you want it to be."

Luboš Korbelář / CCO Dr.Max Group, Retail Summit 2019 

15 new countries

We are very pleased that the benefits of Quant are being appreciated by customers around the world. The number of countries where Quant is deployed has almost doubled this year.  

Our collaboration with  Keells, a leading supermarket chain in Sri Lanka, is a breakthrough for us. In Georgia, Quant is now used by Aversi, the largest pharmacy chain. In the UK, Quant has been chosen by FMCG outlets Longdan and The Entertainer, a leading toy retailer and wholesaler.   

Our presence in Arab countries has also expanded significantly with Sharaf DG, TVG and Grand. Our first African customer is Umoja, a leading footwear retailer in Kenya. In Central America, Diunsa opted for Quant.

We have also done well in the domestic market. The list of retailers that opted for our solution this year speaks for itself – Pet Center, Benu, OD Kinský, EUC and  Retail stores of Lagardére Travel Retail.

Our next customer in Italy was Giulius Pet Shop. In Sweden, planograms Miljöcenter and Bileko Car Parts are newly drawing in Quant. The first Vietnamese retailer using Quant is freshly Central Retail

New solutions and expanded cooperation

What pleases us most of all, however, is the fact that our customers stay with us for the long term and very often extend their cooperation and include new services from our portfolio. This year we have expanded our offer with brand new features - Retail Task Management and Forms. We are particularly grateful to LKQ, Sportisimo and Lagardére for their great suggestions in the development of these features. 

"The main benefits are clarity, substitutability, faster response times and a clear definition of the responsible person. We have positive feedback from both head office and stores."

Linda Michaličková / Category & Merchandising Manager LKQ 

Thanks to the newly introduced features, it is possible to build a complete Help Desk or implement and evaluate Store Checks within Quant Web.

A big theme for us again this year was the efficient printing and management of shelf labels within Quant. This solution was newly deployed in Do it center in Panama and also in Dr.Max in Slovakia.

Multilingual support

In a time of restrictions and travel limitations, our complete online business model has proven very successful. Our consultants are able to present Quant to potential prospects during an online presentation and suggest the most suitable solution to the customer on a tailor-made basis.  

We stay in constant contact with our clients even during the free trial, training users and helping with data integration. It does not matter if the client is in the Czech Republic, Sri Lanka or Sweden. 

We offer support and training in several world languages. This year we have been able to expand our offer to include Italian, Spanish and French. In the long term we already support English, German and Czech.  

The number of Quant Web localizations has grown to 19 languages, so our clients' store personnel do not have to struggle with the language barrier.

Reviews, case studies and customer presentations

Thanks to great reviews from our users and an increase in market share, we have become the Momentum leader in the Retail Management Systems category on G2.com. You can also find new reviews of Quant on SourceForge, Capterra and Gartner Peer Insights

This year also saw two new case studies of Quant deployments at Notino and Iceland

We were also very pleased with our customer presentations focused on Quant usage and benefits. Jérome Poussin from Notino, Linda Michaličková from LKQ, Monika Holásková from Orkla and Jana Pleskačová from Iceland, who also presented at the Retail Summit in Bratislava, shared their experiences at the Retail Summit in Prague

During the Quant Workshop, Lukáš Jagnešák from Sportisimo also shared his experience with us. Andrea Pavelková and Markéta Vojáčková presented for Notino this time.


A big thank you to all our customers who inspire us every day and motivate us to continuously improve Quant. To our entire team, thank you especially for the fact that working at Quant Retail is still fun for most of us and for the fact that some of us are happy on Sundays that it will be Monday soon.

Petr Kavánek, CEO / Co-owner Quant Retail s.r.o.

Quant Teambuilding - Autumn 2021