06. 02. 2024

MonkeySports has chosen Quant to create Store Specific Planograms

MonkeySports, a specialized sports store selling hokey and lacrosse equipment has chosen Quant to create Store Specific Planograms for their stores in USA.

Their goal is to create more unified, yet functional look of their stores. Thanks to Quant's planograming tool, they will be able to create templates of planograms, which will be adjusted by AI, so each store gets a tailored made planogram according to the size of each fixture, the sales and product availability.

Using Quant's Photo Documentation tool allows them to verify the implementation of the planograms in each store as well as keep a visual history of each fixture.

Quant can be used as an effective tool for a photo documentation of sales areas. Photos can be assigned together with notes not only to the whole store but also to specific equipment. Uploading is done via intuitive web application from your computer, tablet or phone.