24. 01. 2024

Looking back at 2023

Quant milestones

In 2023, we celebrated 20 years since the beginning of Quant's development. Looking back at our achievements, we see that we've given ourselves a lot of special gifts for this milestone birthday.

Quant Team

Record growth

A total of 31 new companies joined family of Quant customers, beating the previous record by 55%. This, of course, translated into a 37% increase in the value of active subscriptions.  

In total, more than 100 companies in 40 countries are using Quant. Newly, Quant has reached Canada, Finland, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand

Quant Customers

Deployment of the new Demand Planning module

Of particular note is the cooperation with the Romanian supermarket chain Annabella, which chose Quant for its unified space & demand planning. Thanks to the exceptional combination of automatic orders based on advanced demand forecasts with planograms optimized using artificial intelligence, we are able to achieve great process efficiencies, reduce overstocks, improve availability, increase sales and enhance the customer experience.


At Annabella, we value innovation, adaptability and collaboration and are proud to have partnered with Quant, a company that embodies these principles. We are confident that Quant's remarkable platform and outstanding team will continue to drive our success and enhance the shopping experience for our valued customers. 

Alexandru Șoacăte, Deputy CEO, Annabella 

Similar to Annabella, Singapore's Phoon Huat is now using Quant not only for planograms, but also for automatic orders, and we are very pleased that the years of development invested in the new demand planning module are starting to pay off and we can offer real refererence and experience from deployment in practice to potential clients interested in this solution.  

PET Shops

Proof of Quant's growing popularity and especially its usefulness for pet stores are two important new collaborations.  

South African chain Absolute Pets migrated to Quant from a competitor's solution that no longer met the growing demands for automation, flexibility and detail of individual stores, which vary significantly in shape and size. In less than a year, thanks in part to our implementation of several "bespoke" enhancements, more than 100 stores were able to begin managing detailed planograms, with another 150 planned for this year.

With over 250 locations, VetStrategy is our first major customer in Canada.


Pharmacy chains have historically been one of our most important customers in terms of number of stores, and their number has grown significantly again, especially thanks to the new deployment of Quant in Dr.Max in Poland, SIPO in Hungary and Nahdi in UAE.


In 2023, we significantly expanded our cooperation with the Indonesian ACE Hardware store network operated by Kawan Lama. This project has been a major challenge, with hundreds of stores typically exceeding 10,000 square metres in size. We are therefore very pleased that the whole process has got off to a great start over the past year and more than 100 stores are now under planograms.

The family of our DIY clients has also been expanded by the Spanish Saltoki, the Czech IZOMAT, the Italian ITW and the South African ACDC Dynamics.

Quant Basic

Our affordable version, purely focused on creating standalone planograms and highly configurable PDF and XLSX outputs, has found a new customer every month of the past year. In our planogram gallery you can already see the results shared by some of them, such as Rakennuskemia and Beaute Luxe.  

Reviews, case studies and customer presentations

We are always pleased when our customers are willing to participate in the creation of a case study. Most of the case studies we do are created more than 2 years after deploying Quant, so that real long-term results and experiences can be presented. There are 5 new case studies created in 2023 that are definitely worth reading:

  • Sportisimo, chain of sports equipment stores, customer since 2017 
  • Keells, one of the most important supermarket chains in Sri Lanka, customer since 2021
  • Lagardère Travel Retail CR, travel retail stores, customer from 2022 
  • The Entertainer, the UK's largest independent toy retailer, customer from 2022 
  • CINEMARK, one of the largest movie theater networks in the USA, customer from 2022

Quant Case Studies

We are happy that our customers often share their experiences with Quant in the form of reviews on portals like G2, Source Forge or Capterra. Thanks to this, Quant is more and more often ranked at the top of these companies' reports.

Partnership with NTT Data

Last year, we also entered into a significant global partnership with NTT Data, with whom we implemented a successful project in Spain with a network of more than 1,000 petrol stations. Thanks to NTT Data, our customers can now take advantage of many additional services, whether it is support in digitizing store floor plans, integration with ERP and other systems or complete project management in the local language.

Our growth has enabled us to welcome 9 new colleagues and they too have contributed significantly to the record number of new features and enhancements we have been able to incorporate into Quant over the past year. The total number of new features has climbed to a whopping 334.

QuantCON and conferences

The traditional Quant Workshop has taken on a whole new dimension in 2023, changing the format to a conference. It moved from Hostačov Castle to the more spacious Hotel Port at Mácha Lake.

The participants of QuantCON were offered 3 days full of interesting presentations, experience sharing and individual training. The program traditionally included a summary of the most important improvements added to Quant over the last year and a presentation of our plans for the future.

QuantCON a konference

During QuantCON we managed to record several interesting interviews:

We also attended several other important conferences. Especially the presentations of our customers at the Retail Summit gave us great pleasure. During the Popai DAY we again had the opportunity to demonstrate "How to employ AI in store planning?". 

Quant at Popai Day

To conclude 

We look to 2023 with gratitude. As I said in one of the interviews – The more we know, the more we still want to learn.  

The past year has given us a lot of inspiration and we have embarked on the development of some groundbreaking enhancements, some of which we will introduce during the first quarter of this year.

 I would like to thank all my colleagues for their commitment, energy and ideas.  

 A huge thank you to our customers for their trust, cooperation and inspiration.

Written by

Petr Kavánek

CEO / Co-owner | Quant Retail s.r.o.

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