25. 09. 2023

Looking back at QuantCON 2023

In the spring of this year, we organized the first QuantCON conference in the beautiful surroundings of the Port Hotel on the shores of Macha Lake. We continued the tradition of several years of workshops for Quant users. 

The new format allowed us to also invite those who are still considering deploying our solutions such as Space Planning, Demand Planning and Forecasting, Category Management, Retail Task Management, Planograms, Shelf Labels or Automatic Product Replacements.

The three-day programme was really busy. The most interesting were traditionally presentations by our customers, during which they shared their practical experiences, tips, tricks and recommendations.

Lukáš Jagnešák, Head of Spacemanagement at Sportisimo, shared with us the benefits of Quant after more than 5 years since its deployment. In our opinion, Sportisimo is one of the world leaders in integrated space management and automatic replenishment within fashion retail. 

Due to the huge dynamics of the assortment and the short product lifecycle, fashion categories are extremely challenging to manage, both in terms of space planning and planogramming. 

Quant Retail, together with Sportisimo, developed the automatic product replacements module, which, as we learned during the presentation, became the key to the success of the project. The result, in addition to more efficient ordering, reduced overstocks and minimized downtime, are mainly higher sales. 

More details can be found in the recently published case study.

Dr.Max pharmacies use Quant for more than 10 years. At the beginning of our cooperation it was a network of about 100 pharmacies. Today, Quant helps manage more than 2,000 Dr.Max pharmacies in six countries. Marta Pavlová and Michaela Zachová, Category Management Specialists, shared with us how they have gradually implemented the different modules of Quant. At the time of the presentation, more than 1,200 regular users across 10 different departments (from logistics to commercial to marketing) were working with Quant within Dr.Max Czech Republic alone.

Linda Michaličková, Category & Merchandising Manager, made the presentation on behalf of LKQ. She revealed what was the motivation for deploying Quant Task Management and Forms for store visits soon after the successful deployment of planograms and optimization of store layouts.

The topic of space planning and its importance for brick-and-mortar stores was the main point of the presentation by Markéta Vojáčková, Quant specialist from NOTINO. Using concrete examples from retail practice, she also perfectly demonstrated the importance of quality communication and feedback when implementing planograms.

Our team led by CEO Petr Kavánek introduced three new modules within the Quant platform. Demand Planning & Forecasting is the result of many years of development. It allows, among other things, to significantly improve product availability, reduce overstocks and ultimately improve sales. Automatic replacements are a great solution for updating planograms based on the availability of products in stores, and the Product Listing module greatly facilitates the collection of master product data from suppliers and other partners. 

The Quant platform now offers a comprehensive, fully integrated range of solutions for space & demand planning, task management, shelf labels printing, master data management and reporting.

Thanks to the new format, we also had plenty of time for intensive workshops, during which we could address specific issues in detail. We were very pleased with how much useful advice our users shared among each other. We also received many valuable suggestions for improvement and development of new features.

During the three days, we had the opportunity to receive new information about Quant, share our practical experiences, get inspired for further and more interesting improvements of Quant and, above all, we had enough space for informal networking, where many topics could be discussed in a quiet environment without the daily work rush.

We are already looking forward to the next edition of QuantCON 2024, which will take place on 12–14 June 2024 again at the Port Hotel!