Shelf Label Objects

Each shelf label contains objects that relate to the product, store or fixture. All attributes of the shelf label can be imported to Quant and graphically modified.

In this manual you will find a description of each object and its other properties:

  1. Static text - uniform text for all shelf labels
  2. Attribute - contains product, package or store properties
  3. Static image - the same image for all shelf labels
  4. Barcode  
  5. Placed product attribute - contains the properties of the block in the planogram
  6. Fixture attribute - contains the properties of the fixture in which the product is placed
Shelf label objects

To insert an object, click on the appropriate icon and then specify the area in which to insert it. You can then set the various properties of each object in the properties panel on the right.

Shelf labels and their settings

Static text

Static text is a variable in which you set the exact text that will be displayed on the shelf label. This text will be the same for all shelf labels.

Static text


By clicking in the Attribute row in the Basic section on the right, a window appears in which you must select which attribute to display on the shelf label. 
In the Attribute object, you can select properties that are located in the Products menu in Quant. On the Basic Properties tab you can find the Product Properties, on the Packages tab you can find the Packages Properties, and on the Store Specific Properties tab you can find the Store Specific Product Properties.

Attribute properties
Attribute - Basic Sales Price

Probably the most important attribute you need to see on a shelf label is the price of the product. The price is also entered via the Attribute variable and you need to enter the Basic Sales Price (current price) in the default shelf label. Different types of price appear in the Products tab, either in the Basic Properties or in the Store Specific Properties.

Prices in the Products menu

The basic sales price may be the same for all stores or may be store specific. Depending on which base sales price you want to use, you must select the Attribute Type:

  • Product Property: the price filled in the product property will always be inserted in the shelf label, the price from the Store Specific Properties tab will be ignored.
  • Store Specific Properties: The value from the Store Specific Properties tab will be taken, where a store specific price can be filled in. If this price is not filled in, the general price filled in the product properties in the Shelf Label section will appear in the shelf label.
Basic sales price

Setting price parameters

The price attribute tends to be one of the most prominent elements on the shelf label. In the right panel you can set various parameters for this attribute.

Usually, the currency of the price is also specified. If you have selected the attribute Basic Sales Price, you can also add a Suffix (for the text after the price) or a Prefix (for the text before the price) in the parameters.

Prefix / suffix

For Action shelf labels, the Default Price Line-Through is often used. If the Deafult Price attribute is selected, the Text Line-Through can be set in the parameters.

Text line-through


Different types of images can also be inserted into the shelf label. In addition to the image of the product itself, these can be various icons, symbols, flags or decorative graphic elements. The individual images can either be the same for all shelf labels or can vary depending on the product listed.

In the Attribute Type you can choose from three options:

  • Static Image: allows you to insert an image already stored in Quant or add another from your computer. This image will be the same for all shelf labels.
  • Product attribute: the image from the default package will always be inserted. Even if the same product is placed in the planogram with a different package, you will always see the product of the default package on the shelf label.
  • Package attribute: an image of the exact package seen in the planogram will be inserted.
Image attribute

Static image

If you want to insert an image into the shelf label that will be the same for all shelf labels, you must insert the image as a Static Image. In the parameters on the right, click on the Image line and either select a saved image from Quant or insert a new one. To make sure the image is displayed in the correct aspect ratio, check Fit Image to Shape.

Static image


Quant can generate barcodes for a product based on various attributes.

Placed Product Attribute

Allows you to insert a product attribute that is placed in the planogram. For example:

  • Number of pieces of the product in height, depth or width
  • The number of the shelf on which the product is located
  • Information whether the product is nested
  • Other attributes often set in the Block tab
Block properties

This information is primarily for the use of store staff and should therefore be placed in the space outside the shelf label or on the back of the shelf label.

Attribute of the placed product

For the placed product attribute, where the yes/no answer option is set, it is important to set especially the value on the shelf label in the Display Value for line.

Yes/No attribute

Fixture attribute

The last option is to insert a Fixture Attribute. Fixture Attributes are filled in: Store EditorFixture Properties tab.

Fixture properties

As with the previous object, the Fixture Attribute is primarily used by the shop staff and should therefore be placed in the space outside the shelf label or on the back of the shelf label.

Fixture attribute

Any modifications to the shelf label must always be saved using the button located in the top left of the Shelf Label Editor.

Save button