Shelf Labels Setting

In the individual tabs of the Shelf Label Editor, you can customize the appearance of the shelf labels. 

What can you learn in this manual?

  1. What are the basic objects of the shelf label?
  2. How can I display an example of a product in the shelf label preview?
  3. How is a shelf label graphically highlighted?

Each shelf label can be different in appearance. The basic shelf label is Default, the other labels such as Action label will only apply if you have them enabled and set up correctly. In addition to the front, the back of the shelf label can be printed with additional information for store staff. In this case, you must have duplex printing enabled in the Pages attributes.

Shelf label preview

Preview of shelf label objects

Various objects can be inserted into shelf labels (see the picture below). You can insert an object by dragging (Drag & Drop) the corresponding icon into the shelf label creation area.

Shelf label objects

Product example and store example

To get a better idea of the final appearance of the shelf label design, you can set a specific product example that you will see in the preview on a specific store. If no example is selected, the shelf label preview will only contain the names of the individual objects.

Setting an example 

How to set up a product and store example?

  1. In the shelf label, click on any empty space. Do not click on any inserted object!
  2. A properties panel will appear on the right, where you can set the product and store.
  3. Click on the Example Product row and select the appropriate product from the list. Click on Ok.
  4. Click on the Example Store line and select the appropriate store. Click on Ok.
Example product and store
Example text for fixture and product attributes

In the case of the fixture attribute and the placed product attribute, no data is displayed in the shelf label preview. However, it is possible to insert the Example Text to get a better idea of the final appearance of the shelf label.

Example text for the fixture attribute and the placed product attribute

If the product you have selected does not have a property filled in that is part of the shelf label, nothing will be displayed in the preview.

Object format

In addition to the example store and product, you can set the border color, background, or line thickness for the entire shelf label. This setting may be useful for promotional shelf labels where you need to set a more prominent look.

Object format settings

This setting is valid only in the tab where you set it, in our example the Default Shelf Label tab. If you want to set a different example for the Action Shelf Label, do the same thing, but make the change in the Action tab.