Automatic order tasks

In the automatic tasks, you can set when the stock level should be checked and orders should be created based on this. At the same time, you can define where and how the order is to be exported.

To set up an automatic task for orders, see the Automatic task section.

Automatic Tasks - MinMax Ordering

You must enable the automatic task editing option in order to change the settings in the Settings tab. For how to set desktop rights, see the CSV/FTPS Introduction and Login manual in the Automatic Task Settings section.

You can use two basic types of automatic tasks for automatic orders:

1) MinMax orders

In this task, you use the Frequency row to select on which days and at what time the orders are to be created.

At the selected time, the automated task will determine if there is an order day for a category. If so, it creates an order based on the settings of the corresponding order type.

MinMax orders - Frequency

2) MinMax order confirmation

If you require orders to be closed and change their status from Draft to Ordered at a time of your choosing, you need to create and enable the MinMax order confirmation automated task. At the same time as the status change, the resulting order is also saved to the FTP server. You can define the form of the resulting file within this automatic task.

MinMax Order confirmation