Shelf Label Editor

You can create different types of shelf labels in Quant. The Shelf Label Editor is used for this purpose, where shelf labels are graphically processed. The list with shelf labels can then be published to stores via Quant web interface, where they can easily export them to PDF.

What information can you find in this manual?

  1. How to create a new type of shelf label?
  2. What is the structure of the Shelf Label Editor?
  3. Where can be set the back part of the shelf label?

Shelf labels are managed in the Shelf Label Types section.

Opening the Price Label Editor
Shelf Label Editor

Shelf Label Type

In Quant you can define several different shelf label designs (called types) and then use them for printing. It often happens that for some fixture you need higher shelf labels, for some fixture you need low shelf labels because the fixture has a lower bar. In addition, the type of shelf label may also vary by category, with some categories displaying some additional information on the shelf labels. In the Shelf Label Types section, you can create as many different types of shelf labels that are used in your stores.

The shelf label type setting is used to correctly match the shelf label with the fixture type or store. The shelf label type takes into account different sizes, the paper format used, double-sided printing can be created and many more.

How do you create a new shelf label type?

When you click on the New button, the Shelf Label Editor window opens where you set the individual attributes of the shelf label.

New type of shelf label

Structure of the Shelf Label Editor

Bookmarks of the Shelf Label Editor
  • Page: set the print page and shelf label dimensions. You can see a preview of the shelf label that you create in the tabs described below.
  • Default: this is the shelf label layout that prints for non-discounted products. If the product has only the base selling price filled in, the default shelf label is automatically printed.
  • Action: this is the shelf label layout that prints for discounted products. The product must have the Original Price set. In most cases, a crossed-out original price is added to this design.
  • Club: in the case of a loyalty program, a club price can be set and club shelf labels can also be printed.
  • Action & Club: used when you want to display all 3 prices on the shelf label - original, action and club.
Setting the price

The product has a basic sales price set at 0.99 $ and the original price is 1.20 $. This means that it is a discounted product, so if the action shelf label is enabled, the action shelf label will be printed.

Action Shelf Label enabled 

If the products have all 3 prices filled in and if the layout is set for all 3 types of shelf labels (Action, Club, Action & Club) and they are all enabled, then the Action & Club will be printed preferentially. When this look is not set, Club will be printed. When nothing is filled for the Club shelf label, the Action shelf label is printed.

Front/Back tab

For each type of shelf label, you can create both a front side that the customer sees and a back side. The back side can contain additional information for store staff to help them accurately position the merchandise. There can be information about the number of products in height, width, depth or for example the name of the fixture, shelf number etc.

Back of the shelf label