If you need to print shelf labels for products that you do not have displayed on your planograms, you need to add these products to your Watchlist. Quant takes into account products that are either displayed on the store's planograms or that the store has added to the watchlist.

How to add products to watchlist?

There are several ways on the web how to add products to your watchlist:

  1. When you add a product shelf label to the basket, the Quant website will ask you if you want to add the shelf label to your watchlist. If you click Yes, you will include the product in the watched shelf labels and the next time it is detected, if there is a change in price, it will appear in the Changed Shelf Labels menu along with the other shelf labels.
Add Shelf Labels to Basket 
  1. In the search box there is a button next to the product to add the product to the shelf labels you are looking for.
Add to Watchlist

In Quant, you can find the shelf labels you are looking for in the Stores menu. Each store can have its own list of tracked shelf labels, so you must first select the store in the table for which you want to view its tracked shelf labels. Then click on  Shelf Labels Watchlist button.