22. 02. 2023

Quant Basic was also chosen by Finns Bali

Finns Bali a company that operates "The Worlds Best Beach Club" chose Quant Basic for their warehouse management, which supports 8 restaurants and 17 individual bars.

They have acquired an intuitive tool for creating individual planograms or entire rows of modules managed by category. In Quant, it is possible to design simple shelving, hanging systems, as well as display on pallets

A predefined template is used for product placement, in which product blocks can be edited in bulk, among other things. When a more creative display is needed, the Free Style Planogram tool is the obvious choice, where products are easily placed in the design of the custom fixture and can be supplemented with additional graphic elements. Placing marketing materials on individual parts of the fixture is a welcome promotional addition, as is a 3D view of an individual module or entire section.

Standalone Planograms in QuantStandalone planogram in Quant