Sales Data Import

Sales Data Import allows you to manually import sales data into Quant, for example from an Excel spreadsheet.

You can find the import in the menu:  Imports → Sales Data.

This import enables you to:

  • Sales Data Import for the new period.
  • Overwrite sales data in a period in which sales data for products already exists.

Thanks to sales data, you can, for example, compile a number of analyzes in Quant or use them to optimize the layout of the store.


1. Preparing the file for import

You can prepare the data that should be imported in Excel file that you can directly import to Quant.

Sales Data Excel File

The file must contain the Primary Product ID, External Store ID, and Date to which the sales data relates. Without any of this data, sales data will not be imported.

2. Process of import

The basic import procedure is described in the figure below:

Import process