Manual Imports

Import Procedure

Basic steps for importing data to Quant.

Import Criteria

Description of basic import criteria.

Product Data Import

The Product Data import allows product data to be imported manually to Quant, for example from an Excel file. Via this import you can either update the properties of the products that have already been created in Quant or create new products.

Product Packaging Import

It is possible to bulk import information about various packages of individual products into Quant.

Product Images Import

For the creation of planograms, it is essential that each product has its own image so that it can be inserted in the planogram. You can manually import product images into Quant.

Store Specific Product Data Import

Product data that are specific for individual stores can also be uploaded to Quant in bulk. For example, they may differ in prices or in the amount of the minimum stock or may be prohibited at some stores.

Category Hierarchy Import

You can manually import the category hierarchy into Quant. Individual groups of products can then be assigned to individual categories and individual planograms can be created more efficiently.

Store Data Import

You can easily import a list of your stores, which you have created in an Excel spreadsheet, for example, so that you do not have to start each store manually at first. In addition to creating new stores, this import is possible update the data of existing stores in Quant.

Sales Data Import

Sales Data import enables you to import sales data manually for example from Excel table which you save as CSV.

User Import

The Import Users allows you to manually import data about individual users, such as username, email, first and last name and the store to which the user is assigned.