Other Analyses

Top Products

The Top Products analysis allows the best-selling or profitable products to be monitored in selected stores. Lists of top products are generated based on criteria that you specify, for example products with the highest number of sold pieces or products generating the highest margin. In addition, the analysis will allow you to monitor the top groups of products (for example producers generating the highest profit in a given category etc.).

Placed Products Overview

Placed Products Overview allows you to analyse products placed in planograms or backstock products. This analysis gives you an overview of all products placed on planograms in the selected lifecycle state. This allows you to see which products are placed in the stores and in what quantities.

Space Shares

The Space Shares analysis is primarily used for the comparison of space taken up by products belonging to selected categories in a specified store, and sales (profit, number of sold pieces or other sales data) that the products generate. Thanks to this analysis you can easily discover whether the category is underestimated or overestimated in terms of space assigned to it in planograms.

Action Impact

This analysis compares product sales in periods when the promotion was created with sales in periods when the promotion was not. Based on this comparison, Quant determined the effect of the promotion on units sold. You can then use the calculated impact of the event to evaluate historical events or to plan demand for future events.