Floor Plan Layers

Creating a Floor Plan Layer

This manual is a part of the First Steps manual. It describes how you can set up a floor plan version which you will use later when creating a layout of the store.

Floor Plan Layers

The store floor plan may consist of components such as the walls, counter, fixtures, tags or situation photographs. It is advisable to divide such components in stores into the same logical units using layers.

Creating a Layer Version

This manual is a part of the First Steps manual. You need to set up a layer version first to be able to insert fixture into the floor plan.


Layer versions are store-specific and are a great tool for planning rebuilding.

Seasonality Changes in Floor Plan

Floor plan layers are a great tool for creating seasonal changes. In Quant, you can set up layers for summer and winter floor plans and create different floor plans in these layers according to the seasons.

Layers in the Project Editor

It is possible to create planogram for fixtures that are in the floor plan for future season or in the floor plan that will be valid after rebuilding.

Editing Layer Versions

You will find in the Store Editor multiple tools that might help you when working with layer versions.

Bulk Editing of Layer Versions

It is possible to bulk edit multiple layer version at the same time. You can set a different start date for them, move or duplicate multiple layer versions from one layer to another or remove multiple layer versions.